My Family

If you’re here, I imagine you might want to know about my personal life. I have a beautiful wife who is a very talented photographer, and we have two perfect little clones of me named DJ (5) and Duke (3). We also have three dogs – Trixie, Lil B (Jack Russells aged 10-15), and Winchester (a 2 year old silver lab).

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My Company

Info about my businesses and what we do, how they started, and things I’ve learned along the way. I have had the good fortune to learn from a lot of very smart, skilled people, and I enjoy sharing that info when I can. Dodge Off Road is my main company, which I started from scratch in 2010 after 5 years of being on the fence about whether it would work or not.

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September 2019 Trip

We loaded up the motorhome and the 2014 Ram, and headed to Durango Colorado for a few days. Then we went to Moab Utah for two days before heading back to Breckenridge, Colorado for 3 more days. We four wheeled, explored, panned for gold, and got to see some amazing country.

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What is this site?

I bought this domain back in 1997 and started my first real site (I previously had a page on Angelfire), which had a bunch of crazy gifs and then eventually turned into sound clips for some funny TV shows like South Park and Beavis and Butthead. After a few years, I started posting bikini pictures that I found online and wanted to share. The site got pretty big around that time, traffic numbers were crazy. I kept going over my bandwidth so I had to switch hosting companies a few times.

The site pretty much stayed in this format until I got into 4x4s, and then I changed the whole format to be based around Jeeps and trucks. I would post pictures from our four wheeling trips, build info, etc. This went hand in hand with some forums that were just getting started. Eventually I got older and lost interest in maintaining a website, so it sat idle for years until it was finally hacked and taken down.

It took me a couple of years to get it back online, then it got hacked again, and now I’m here for the umpteenth time doing a reboot on my personal site. So this site exists only because I get bored once every 3 or 4 years and feel like spending a few days making a site. The only difference this time is I think I can keep it online even longer now.

The site may change in the future, but right now it’s just going to be about my family life and some of the vehicles I have, and things I do with them. I’m proud to have one of the older continuously run websites on the internet, how many other websites can you name that have been online since 1997? When I started out, this was all done in pure HTML and sent over a 28k modem. It’s crazy how fast technology changed in the late 90s/early 00s. This site is here for posterity more than anything. Enjoy the pics. -Danny

The original home page, from May 1997 – Lots of gifs and wav files. It had chat rooms, a guestbook, a postcard app that allowed you to use images on my site to send digital postcards to your friends… this was cutting edge shit back then. You might remember ICQ and PowWow from around this time. I chatted online with babes all day.
When the site went black in 2002, because photos show up better on a black background. Expanded the hot chicks section and added South Park wav files. The site had Red Alert maps, free game downloads, Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Austin Powers, Chris Farley and Adam Sandler, and Dumb and Dumber sound bytes to listen to. I made a lot of them using a microphone and wav file editor. I also had pictures of my Grandpa’s Jeep, truck, and some ATV pics posted.
I got older and got into trucks, the bikini pics and sound files weren’t as popular anymore due to Napster and Limewire, and the develop of mainstream internet porn. This new format is when the site was really at it’s peak and it lasted from 2003 to 2013. At the time, Google had my truck ranked #1 in the world for a variety of search terms like “Dodge Ram Lifted,” “Dodge 4×4,” etc. Side note: The menu at the top is something I programmed myself in JavaScript and ended up using it on the resort’s website for many years until PHP took over.
After the site went down in 2013, I brought it back in 2014 using WordPress. It didn’t last long, the site got hacked and went back down in early 2018. Thanks GoDaddy! They have single handedly screwed up my site more times than I could ever do on my own. But that is what brought us to this newest WordPress format now in 2019, which I hope to keep alive for a long time.